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Am I being charged for the wastage too?

No, we don’t charge for the wastages the total weight mentioned in the application or website for a product is the net weight after cleaning and wastages.

Do you process Pork and Beef?

No, we don’t process pork or beef.

For how long can I store freshore meat?

On every product delivered we will mention its shelf life and use before date.

How do freshore maintain the freshness of meat?

We make sure that the meat reaches the customer within 10 hours from the time of processing of the meat and we maintain the temperature at 1-4 degree Celsius at any given time to maintain its freshness.

What is a ‘Whole Fish’?

The fish which is cleaned and processed without cut and delivered on whole.

What do you mean by ‘Fillets’?

The fish which is cleaned and processed cut precisely into small pieces without bone is called fillets.

Can I get custom cuts?

Yes, we do provide custom cuts to our customers based on their request.

Do you use any antibiotics and growth promoting hormones in your meat?

No, we strictly follow and continuously check the chicken farms and make sure that no antibiotics and no growth hormones are used.

Is the seafood fresh? How can I be sure?

Yes, the seafood is fresh and directly brought from the shores of Kerala and Mangalore. We ship the seafood to Bangalore within 10 hours from being caught.

I want to place a bulk order for function or for my hotel.

If u need to place a bulk order you can directly contact the nearest store or call our customer care number 7975035314 or mail us at .

I received an incomplete order.

Usually we don’t deliver incomplete orders in case by mistake if u had received any incomplete order you can immediately contact our customer care number 7975035314 or mail us at .

I have not received my order. Who do I contact?

We will notify you when the order will be delivered and based on the delivery schedule the order will be delivered to you. Incase if it is not delivered on the given delivery schedule you can contact our customer support executive at 7975035314

I have not yet received my refund for online payment.

Usually refund process will start within 48 hours from the request raised by the customer and refund will be made within 6 working days. Even after the due date if not received you can contact our customer support at 7975035314 or mail us at .

Can I pick up my order from your nearest outlet?

Yes, you can directly pick the orders from the nearest outlet. This will save your delivery time and cost.

Transaction money was deducted, but I did not get an order confirmation.

This generally happens due to server issues from your bank. The funds which are held up will be returned back to the same bank account by the bank within 78 hours. For clarifications you can call our customer support at 7975035314

Can I order for a delivery to a different address?

Yes, you can order for different address staying in one location. But make sure weather we serve for the delivery location. You can add any number of delivery location in your profile.

How do I change my address?

Go to your profile and click on edit option and change your address.

How do I reset my password?

Go to your profile and click on change password tab you will get a confirmation mail click on the link and start the process.

I am unable to log in to my account.

Try closing the application and check for internet connection and try login again if its not happening then try resetting the password and login again. If the issue persists call our customer support at 7975035314 or mail us at .

Do you charge for the delivery?

Yes we do charge for the delivery if the order value is below 500rs. If the order value is above 500rs then we do free delivery.

I have a quality concern. What do I do?

We strive to deliver the best quality meat and seafood for our customers if in case you had a quality concern of our product immediately contact the customer support via call 7975035314 or mail us at

I would like to see my previous orders.

In application or in website Go to my previous order tab and find your previous orders.

I think I may have forgotten my password.

Click on the forgot password tad and enter your mail id you will get a confirmation mail to reset your password.

How can I track my order?

You can track your orders through order tracking link in your order.

Can I pre-book an order?

Yes, you can pre-book an order and schedule your delivery based on your preference.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

We do provide immediate delivery within 1 hour from your order time.

How do I place my order?

You can place your order through website or through mobile application and also through our customer care number 7975035314

My item arrived damaged or defective. What should I do?

You should immediately call our customer care number 7975035314 and raise a complaint regarding the damage or defect. Or mail us at

Do I need to register or create an account before making a purchase?

Yes, it Is mandatory that you create an account before ordering the product.

Is shopping at secure?

Yes, it is we are using latest firewall and global SSL certificate to protect the privacy of our customers.

I haven’t received my order confirmation email.

Immediately after your order is placed you will receive a mail regarding order confirmation if you don’t receive any mail go to the application and check your order history.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order in order details before it is out for delivery. Once the delivery executive has picked your order you can’t cancel it and there is no refund for your order.

Will I be able to order more than one of the same items?

Yes, you can order more than one of the same items.

Is the price inclusive of GST?

Yes, the price mentioned is inclusive of Gst.

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Freshores is a meat and seafood delivery startup, which provides fresh and tender chicken and meat products to the customers without adding any preservatives or antibiotics. We have a wide variety of pre cut products specially made for our customers. We ensure our customers get organic chicken and meat directly from farm without any compromise in quality.


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