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Mutton Goat Curry Cut

mutton curry is cut from the fine and healthy goat raised in the open farm organically without addin...

Gross wt: 1000gm | Net wt: 1000gm

MRP: 799 679 Rs

Mutton Khema

Mutton kheema is taken from boneless goat meat which is finely grained to get the smooth texture of ...

Gross wt: 1000gm | Net wt: 1000gm

MRP: 999 899 Rs

Shoulder Piece

"The most supreme and tender part of the goat is precisely cut based on the customer's req...

Gross wt: 1000gm | Net wt: 1005gm

MRP: 858 699 Rs

Mutton Rib

"The middle part of the got most tender juicer and tasty when cooked at the low flame with cons...

Gross wt: 1000gm | Net wt: 1005gm

MRP: 846 699 Rs

Mutton boneless

"Mutton boneless cut into cubes evenly to suits the customer's needs. mutton boneless is c...

Gross wt: 1000gm | Net wt: 1005gm

MRP: 1116 949 Rs

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About Freshores

Freshores is a meat and seafood delivery startup, which provides fresh and tender chicken and meat products to the customers without adding any preservatives or antibiotics. We have a wide variety of pre cut products specially made for our customers. We ensure our customers get organic chicken and meat directly from farm without any compromise in quality.


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